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Woof Ranch and Angela are the best … We drove 500 miles so Penny and Cash could be in the best place in Texas.


Thank you, Angela. All the folks in my neighborhood already know your name b/c on our walks they ask who trained her and I tell them your name. They cannot believe how good Josie behaves!!! I'm so proud.


Last summer you boarded and trained our Chocolate Labradoodle puppy (Mickey) from 7/22-8/1. This year we have another new puppy (Willie) a yellow Labrador retriever that I cannot seem to house train. He was born 2/26/16, so is only about 3 months old. I was looking for board and train options here is Houston for this summer, but I have not been happy with any I talked with. As much as I don’t want to drive 3 hours there and back to drop him off and then to pick him up again I think you are our best option for training. I really liked your setup and approach with a home-based setting for the puppies.

Tod, Houston

I thank you every day for the care and love you gave to Shelby's training at six months of age. Now at almost two years of age she is an amazing friend and love we all enjoy.

The challenges I faced with Shelby as an alpha female along with being a single parent to young boys, one with CP, seemed at the time impossible to manage. You trained her with passion, confidence, superior knowledge, and profound intuition. You also gave me tools I can always depend on with managing her behavior.

I am truly amazed with how gifted you are in understanding the owner dog relationship and how insightful you are with the individualized attention and understanding you give to each dog you train. I am lucky and blessed to have found you! I will forever be thankful and sing your praises. Without you we would have never been able to enjoy our beautiful, loving, fun Shelby.


Three words: Angela is amazing. In one short week I saw more improvement from Scarlette than I ever thought possible! And, Angela took the time to ensure I am familiar and comfortable with the commands so that the wonderful training will stick. I would recommend her highly to anyone seeking a professional, experienced dog trainer who gets results! Thank you Angela!


We got Biscuit, a terrier mix, from the pound as a young adult. She had been returned to the Williamson Co. ASPCA shelter after a failed adoption, and it didn’t take long to figure out why. Until Biscuit, our other dogs had all been Goldens and a retriever mix, and neither of us had any experience with terriers. While she was very affectionate, endearing, and seemed really smart, we didn’t quite know what to do with a dog that didn’t seem to care much about our good opinion and gave us her attention only when she felt like it. Totally opposite from what we were used to.

We knew we were out of our league with Biscuit and when we called Angela, she offered a lot of effective advice over the phone before even meeting Biscuit. When she did meet her, she immediately honed right in on what Biscuit needed. We left Biscuit with her for 7 days of in-home boarding and training while we went out of town. Angela sent regular updates on her progress. Of course, Biscuit did none of the naughty things with her that she’d done with us. And yes, we knew we were the problem, but when we returned, we picked up a totally transformed dog.

The reason Biscuit didn’t misbehave for Angela was because she prevented it before it happened instead of having to correct it after the fact, as we had been doing. Angela also taught us how to engage with Biscuit in a different way that builds on her terrier strengths and keeps her constructively busy instead of looking for trouble. It was a revelation to see how just a few techniques could create such a change. She’s so much more attentive and responsive, it’s hard to believe! Not that she doesn’t still get into a bit of mischief when we’re not careful and leave things out (she’s only two, after all), but she’s such a joy to train now and so much better behaved! We’d highly recommend Angela for any dog issues you might be having. Also, her property is a dog’s dream.

Helen, Harold, and Biscuit

I have a 3 year old lab, Jake, that is a pretty good dog, but he has some issues because he's a puppy----ok spoiled. My week days are long and by the time I get home, I'm exhausted so I mostly just have time to play ball with him before it's bedtime. That's not enough for an only dog...especially a lab.

So through word of mouth, I came across Angela. I told her for now, all I want is doggy daycare once in awhile so he can socialize with other dogs and if she had some tips on helping to get him to stop jumping and dragging me like I'm a kite while on the leash, I'd be sooo grateful.

I took Jake to her home, which is where Woof Ranch is located, for a meet and greet with Jake. She was awesome! Jake got along with her two dogs, Xena & Gabby and enjoyed exploring her property. She was really good with him and he fell in love with her. The tips she gave me have helped immensely and whenever I mention to Jake he's going to see "Gabby-Xena" he gets SO excited.

This weekend she had several dogs over and the few hours I had Jake there, were fantastic. He came home EXHAUSTED and allowed me to sleep in until 8am, which was a wonderful change from our 5am at the latest.

I can't wait to use Angela when I need to board him, especially since the next "trick" I want him to learn is to be leash free more often than not.

Angela, Manor

Woof Ranch is Amazing! Honestly, the best choice I have ever made for my dogs! I have a 3 year old Welsh Corgi, Hurley Winston, and a 1 year old Maltipoo, Little Sir. We have used both Board & Train Services, and every time we are more than pleased when picking them up. When we leave they are exhausted and well behaved, making me a happy parent! Couldn't have asked for a better place to send my dogs for Board & Train! The Trainer- Angela Lebo, is nonstop energy and fun. My fast and furious Maltipoo, Little Sir, can't even keep up with her. :) Angela has a way with dogs that I have yet to see in other Board & Train facilities in the Austin area. She treats them as if they are friends, one of the pack. Like they've known each other for years- Family. But, at the same time has a strong hand in letting them know she's boss! With 5 acres of land for them to roam around on, our 2 dogs fell in love with Woof Ranch immediately!!

If you have any dogs or puppies in need of a good training; or you might be going out of town and need to Board for a few days, weeks, then this is the place to for you and your four legged friend! You will not regret it!

Natasha, Leander

Angela is an amazing dog trainer and teaches you how to continue the training with your dog once he or she returns home. A big plus is she constantly provides you with updates on how your dog is doing. I had recently gotten a small dog from the Austin pound and immediately brought him to Angela. When I first got him he was jumping on the furniture, barking, and tried to be in charge of the house. When he returned from training with Angela he was more attentive, relaxed, and listened to me. He was a different dog. If I ever got another dog I would only bring him or her to Angela for training and/or boarding.

Jarod, Austin

I got two small breed puppies a month apart. I had a lot of work going on when it all happened and was able to train them how to be in the house and with humans, but I missed getting them socialized with other dogs. Every time another dog would be around they would both start to shake in fear.

I decided that I needed some help and through a series of miracles I was introduced to Angela. After my first meeting with her I felt confident that I had found the person who was going to be able to help my dogs grow in the areas I wasn't able to provide. I agreed to a Board and Train two week program where both dogs would live with her and her pack and go everywhere with her all day long. It was difficult to handoff my little 5 pound puppies but Angela reassured me that dogs in her care are treated like they are her dogs - and her dogs are wonderful.

Angela sent me video and text updates every day. By day three she already had one of my dogs going on hikes with her off-leash and the second dog followed in a few days. During the two weeks I met up with her a few times at parks or cafes and got to love on my dogs for a bit.

By the end of the two weeks my dogs had learned to wait at the door for permission to go out or come in, they run back to me immediately when I give them the call and they are comfortable around other dogs. I now take them trail running off leash and they are almost always perfect with everyone they meet. Angela did a fantastic job of flooding them with tons of different activities, places and scenarios, so that now, not much phases them. Anytime I go out of town my dogs go stay with Aunt Angela.

Michael, Austin TX

Angela is Austin's best dog trainer!!! I wish I would have gone to her sooner, she is truly amazing! I was getting very frustrated potty training my puppy. The longer I had her the more rebellious she seemed to be, I honestly did not think I could deal with her pottying in my house. I felt I had tried everything and it was getting worse.

I had a consultation with Angela and felt that she was genuine and knowledgable of how to resolve my situation. Angela had my puppy at her house for five days. I can not believe how awesome, calm and mindful my puppy is now. Following Angela's advise on how to properly care for my puppy, we have had no accidents or negative behavior with our puppy. Angela really taught us how to understand our puppy's needs and gave us practical tools on how to raise a well mannered dog.

What a relief knowing that I will have that mindful, well behaved dog that is not ruining my house (or any one else's place we visit). And it is so much easier than the way I was handling it. I want a dog that I can have a positive, happy and healthy life with and now I am assured that I will have that dog. Angela not only trained my puppy but also educated me on how to properly interact with her. Angela is the real deal!

Charisma, Austin TX

Angela … is the BEST!! I left my puppy with her for a long weekend, and when I got her back, she was a superstar!! I was totally in awe. In three days, she had gotten my dog to sit, lie down, stay, walk on a loose leash, and ring the doggie doorbell when she needed to go outside. Cesar holds nothing to Angela! Since our first session, Angela and I have had several "maintenance" sessions, and become good friends. She is very serious about every dog she takes under her care, and gives them all equal attention and love.

I have had nothing but a positive experience working with Angela.. I would recommend her to anyone looking for positive reinforcement training with unbelievable results!

Whitney, Austin TX

She is fabulous. I have complete trust in her and her style of training fits well with our needs. We honestly could not have survived the first year with an australian shepherd puppy w/o her.

We now use her from time to time for refresher training and boarding - her new place is so conducive to her work.

Karen, Austin TX

Angela is really the best dog trainer I’ve ever seen. She uses positive reinforcement to train the dogs in her care, which was exactly what I was looking for – no shock collars, no negative reinforcement at all. Just person to dog training.

I took Tybee, my 4-month old Golden Retriever, to Angela to have a good set of basics and to finalize her potty training. I had been going out of my mind trying to potty train the dog, and just couldn’t get it down, which inhibited our other training as well. After two weeks with Angela, Tybee can sit and stay for as long as I need her to, does an excellent down stay, is crate trained, can do two tricks, and hasn’t had an accident in the house since I picked her up last week. Amazing!

I can’t be more impressed with Angela and her training methods; just excellent all around.

Lacey, Dallas TX

I always know that our dog, Karlie, will be in good hands when we take her to Woof Ranch. She always has friends to play with and a field to roam freely. Angela takes such great care of her. Angela adds a special touch to the experience by really giving time and attention to the animals. She treats them as if they were her own. We never have to worry about Karlie when she’s with Angela at Woof Ranch! I highly recommend Woof Ranch and any of the services that Angela offers.

Bobbie, Austin TX

For a few months, I searched online for a trainer. I was hesitant to book any appointments to meet because the phone conversation with the potential trainer just didn’t feel right. Enter Angela. Her enthusiasm and energy was exactly what I was hoping to find. She genuinely cares about animals and it shows through her training. Her home is located on acreage and is a dogs dream! Upon our first meeting, Bronson hopped out and started to explore; we made our way to her backyard that has a genuine Austin feel. We discussed expectations with training, amongst Bronson’s habits and personality. A few weeks later, I arrived in the morning to drop Bronson off for his 10 day stay. Her family was in from town and they were all preparing breakfast and it gave me a glimpse of what Bronson’s time at her home would be like. I felt happy when I left and knew that I had made the right decision to choose Angela as his trainer. Throughout the week, she sent pictures, video clips and text messages every day. She even sent a picture of a Starbucks run! In every video and picture, I saw pure joy and happiness on Bronson’s face.

Upon my arrival to pick Bronson up, she began to show me the commands he now understood. He had a sense of calmness that I had not seen in awhile. He wanted to be trained! We discussed training when I returned home and she even provided a progress report. Bronson still continues to test me and we work every day, but Angela instilled the foundation that was very much needed. She also completes a follow up visit at your desired location; I decided on Walnut Creek since I want him to pay attention to my voice while off leash. She’s available to answer any questions and provide tips.

Angela sets the foundation, but it’s up to the owner to stay on top of the training! I would recommend Woof Ranch to anyone who is looking for a comfortable, safe and fun training environment for their pup!

Rachele, Houston TX

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